Boat 316
DIB and Quick Attack
Fire Safety House
Engine 313
Engine 312
ESU-31 w/Trailer
Ice Rescue Sled
Jet Ski
Rescue 310
Truck 311
Utility 318
Water Rescue 315


A 2000 American LaFrance MV-75

T-311 Responds with its 75’ stick and complete compliment of ground ladders from Station 1 on all emergencies involving structures and provides support as needed on all other emergencies.  T-311 carries all the equipment needed for typical “Truckee” work; Forcible Entry, Salvage Covers, Fans, SCBA with extra bottles, EMS.  T311 also has a 10kw Diesel Generator.  The apparatus was delivered December 24, 2000, that's why it has a bow on it.