Boat 316
DIB and Quick Attack
Fire Safety House
Engine 313
Engine 312
ESU-31 w/Trailer
Ice Rescue Sled
Jet Ski
Rescue 310
Truck 311
Utility 318
Water Rescue 315





With two state grants and other state funding the fire department purchased a custom designed water rescue boat at a cost of $31,000.00.  The boat designed by our own Lou Wendell Marine has greatly improved our capability and reliability.  The new boat has a motor three times the size of the older one.  The new boat is wider and six foot longer.  The department purchased and installed a crane lifting system to remove potential victims from the water as well as any heavy objects such as evidence recovered for the police department.  The department upgraded all the communications and sonar equipment as well.  The boat was placed in service a few days before Riverfest and was a much needed improvement.  This boat is docked year round at Lou Wendell Marine at no cost to the fire department.